"Yellow Mediation: 3rd Chakra" was created in 2013 in San Ramon, Costa Rica at the Odessy Art Residancy. It is apart of a seires "Painting the Chakras" that includes 6 paintings from red to purple of the chakra system. 


After Madeline studied Reiki Engery Healing at the Healing House in Cusco, Peru, she created this series of paintings that embody each chakra's enegry. 


Yellow, the 3rd Chakra also know as Manipura, is locted above the navel at the solar plexus. It empowers the will, self empowerment, transformation and light warrior essance. 


This painting encouraged optiamal heal and vibrates reiki engery to empower self-confidence, a strong sense of purpose, and self-motivation.


This is an original painting and is framed. 

ART WORK: "Yellow Meditation: 3rd Chakra" Acrylic on Paper, 2013