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" Art........ is the universal tongue, which expresses the situations of the heart and human spirit.

It leaves us the living traces of all those who have loved

and experienced eternal beauty."

- Felix Ziem

Who am I? 

... good question...

Madeline Lynch is a New York based artist who creates artwork inspired from her own life, nature, and that resides behind the vail of consciousness Madeline works with all mediums that she can get her hands on and believes art is living experience that is a conversation of souls.


Madeline studied studio art and philosophy from American University in Washington DC and spent 4.5 years traveling to various countries around the world to develop herself and her craft as an artist and light worker. Madeline received her masters degree in psychology at the Teachers College of Columbia University studying the bridge between Spirituality and Psychology from a western perspective (SMBI). 

In the wold of healing, Madeline is a trained massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, and works with plant based medicines, crystals, mediation, and the subtle energies of the Universe.


 Madeline has exhibited in Costa Rica, Colombia, Japan, and the United States. She is the co-founder of the visionary art project Seeds of the Anaconda that acts a bridge of communication for mythology, native teachings, and the modern world.


She is co-director of the non-profit organization Weaving Worlds and is an ambassador of the Center of Arts Education and Sustainability (CAES). 

Current Happenings:

 Art Workshops!

Mandalas of Intention  with Natural Pigment Paint Making 
September 26th 
The Sacred Arts Research Foundation 
107 Green St. #G55, Brooklyn, NY 11222
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